Our workflow

How do we work?

Here is how does our workflow look like. We

  1. Let’s talk!
    • Tell us about your company, how do you work. Share with us your plans and expectations.
    • We will tell you about us, our works and what can we do for you.
    • We will compare conclusions from our talk with current market trends, change forecasts and the results of our analysis.
    • We will present you our ideas and together we will pick the best ones.
  2. Proceed to action.
    • We prepare a work plan. We assign tasks according to each of us.
    • We design a complex solution from general image to the details.
    • We prepare a draft, test it thoroughly and show to the Client.
    • Together with Client we view the project and discuss its pros and cons.
    • We consider the comments, refine the details and prepare full implementation.
  3. But that is not all!
    • We provide a detailed and lucid documentation.
    • We conduct training with the handling and good practices of using the product.
    • We provide help and technical support for daily use of our products.

We believe that good contact and partner relationship with our clients is essential achieve the best results.

You can see some of these results in our Portfolio.

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