About Passion Connection

Passion Connection is a dynamic team of IT and marketing specialists. What connects us is our passion for carrying out the tasks entrusted to us and the broad possibilities of the perfect balance between the power of age and years of industry experience.

Our clients appreciate our professional and individual approach, the complexity of our services and their punctuality.

Before we start to work, we get to know each other with the client. We learn about his practice and plans for the future. We compare this information with actual trends and the results of our own analysis which we conduct for every new case. This way we can prepare the best possible solution and guarantee its long-term effectiveness.

Our main fields of focus

  1. We help you with your online presence. Our experienced team participated many successful projects.
    • Classic, simple websites – such as online business cards or landing pages;
    • More complex CMS-based websites such as service catalogues, blogs and other sites;
    • Online e-commerce shops with back office, stock management and various payment methods
    • Sales channels integration: you will be able to manage your sales at Amazon, Ebay, eCommerce  and many other marketplaces in one platform!
  2. Advertising and Marketing are our hobby.
    • We prepare advertising campaigns including but not limited to AdWords;
    • We can perform full brand identity creation as well as rebranding;
    • We can handle your social media presence
  3. Programming. We do it well!
    • Do you need a tailor made software solution?
    • Or do you need a mobile app?
    • It is also possible for us to create custom modules for your website!
  4. IT Implementations
    • We design and implement professional and multi-level IT solutions.
    • We establish and configure data centres and networks.
    • We also examine and improve existing solutions.

The software solutions we offer are developed by experienced specialists, tested in many currently operating systems and developed continuously to meet the changing live market environment and needs of our customers.

We provide useful and clear documentation written in easy to understand way to lead the user through all the functionality explaining the details with easy-to-understand examples.

How can we help you?

Let’s talk and get to know each other.